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Shalom, my name is Rev. Liz Jackson. I am the Minister of The LION’S TARES Ministry, which stands for Living In Oppressed Nations: Truth Attitudes Reality Education & Society.

Oppression Ends When We Turn Our Hearts & Minds Back to The True Word of Abba Yah/God.

This podcast has been Breathing Life into Dry Bones Since 2020 and the ministry has been up and running since 2018. All Episodes come directly from sermons, testimonies and real-life experiences.

This podcast is an educational podcast using psychology/sociology and Our True Creator Abba Yah’s Word. We dive into Sermons and Studies (as the official podcast of The LION’s TARES Ministry) and look at God’s Word, what He Really Said and how to apply it our lives, history, future, etc. For those who want to follow along with each podcast: https://www.thelionstares.com/blog

We do not use just the Bible, but All Areas of Life Because Yahuah Created Everything! You will hear sermons on Dr. Emoto, Albert Ellis, Nikola Tesla, geography, archeology, Buddha, natural remedies, frequencies, The Quran, Dead Sea Scrolls, and so much more to. Enjoy and learn how to change your perspective on Everything!

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