Education & Reality: What Do Fallen Angels/Angels, God’s of Myth and Saints Have in Common? Part1


These sermons will first introduce angels and whether fallen or not (as Enoch only gives a few names,) we will then identify deities in other countries who are associated with the same role. Remember, the names have been changed over time to keep us All from coming together and uniting under 1 creator.

There are no coincidences in life. Nothing happens by chance. Yes we get lucky once in awhile or blessed by our Creator as I know our angels who are sent by Abba Yah guides and protects us at His Will. That is their job. So doesn’t it make since that over time one becomes fond of those who were created to guide us in life? The fondness easily turns into idolatry and that is where we all fall into sin.

To understand these sermons we need understand we all stem from a Hebrew Back Ground

Aztec and Ancient Hebrews- Stories of Emancipation: Aztecs and Israelites- Tablet

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