True Word of Yah: The True Role of Mastema/Satan The Prince of Enmity-A Study Of Job


Job lost everything because sometimes losing everything that you were once praising God/Yah for is the only way to see if your Faith is Enough to Get You Through and to Keep your Bond With Abba Yah. He sees if we love Him more than our possessions. He checks to see if we stand with Him even if we don’t Understand His Will in our Lives at that moment. Yes, The Lord God Almighty/ Abba Yah. Our Creator Tempts us…

These temptations, Fiery Darts, being Tried by Fire…this is all done to measure our Spiritual Growth, and to provide a Testimony that will Show Just How Bright You Shine For Abba Yah. People can see your Lights.

Enoch 108 Tells us this.


Who, since they came into being, longed not after earthly food, but regarded everything as a passing breath, and lived accordingly, and the Lord tried them much, and their spirits were found pure so that they should bless His name.

Verses 13-15 are where we learn that we will be come resplendent and…”while the righteous shall be resplendent…”

Resplendent means:

shining brilliantly :

characterized by a glowing splendor

This confirms that one, we have an adversaries who are created to tempt us so that we become righteous earing our original bodies, for we were made to shine. This also explains what being a Light to the Gentiles Actually Means. Has anyone ever told you that you glow when you are happy or praising life because Abba Yah is good All the Time?

Now that we answered the why, let us look at the word satan in Job.

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