Education & Reality: A Call For Peace On The Gaza Strip


What if all Abraham’s children would have gotten along? What if the Arabs and Jews were friends? What would the world be like today? Tentative peace exists between Irish Catholics and British Protestants. Is peace possible between the Arab nations and the Jews?

Let us bring in our Table of Nations. As you Recall Shem was the son of Noah…Abraham is the Descendant of Shem and The Land Called Canaan Belongs To Shem’s People The Arabic Nations Which include Palestine and the area Israel is Occupying now.

For more on that sermon please Read Noah Divides the Land Part 3- Ham: Where you will learn in Jubilees that Canaan possessed the land along the Mediterranean Sea and should Not have.

This is why the Bible says the Land would Be Restored to Isaac and why it is called the Promised Land.

Ishmael is the 9th Great Grandson of Noah. When I say 9th I mean Great repeated 9 times…

Table of Nations Starting With Adam and Going To Ishmael and Isaac

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