Society of Yah: Social Deviance. Why Society Has Become a Gangsta Paradise


Deviance or the sociology of deviance explores the actions and/ or behaviors that violate social norms across formally enacted rules as well as informal violations of social norms.

What are Social Norms?

Norms provide us with an expected idea of how to behave, and function to provide order and predictability in society. For example, we expect students to arrive to a lesson on time and complete their work.

Therefore social deviance is the behavior that goes against cohesiveness and the ability for a society to properly function.

Two View Points

1.The Normative Perspective

The normative perspective sees deviance as a human behavior that violates existing and generally accepted social norms.

2. The Situational Perspective

The situational perspective shifts the focus away from the individual and to the social situation surrounding the behavior and question

When we define Social Deviance we must ask the Questions:





If we are making laws that hinder society then, those laws are against our Social Norms

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